LOUI Tokenomics

LOUI is distributed as a reward for activities in Atheneswap. Users can participate in Pair Staking, Single Staking and receive LOUI as rewards. Users can deposit the distributed LOUI tokens along with other virtual assets (ex. KSTA) as a pair, or they can deposit them into the LOUI Pool provided in the Single Staking menu to receive greater rewards.

LOUI is an inflationary token that is issued at a fixed amount per block (initially set at 1 LOUI per specified block). The issued LOUI tokens are divided into Distribution and Burn portions, and the ratio may vary depending on the need for issuance adjustment through the issuance policy and burn mechanism. The distribution of rewards is also determined by adjusting the Reward Treasury and the amount of distributed rewards based on the TVL of the Staking Pool.

Token Name: Loui

Token Symbol : LOUI

Chain : Ground Chain

Emission per block: 1

Daily Emission: 86,400

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