How to Provide/Remove Liquidity

Please note that the token ratio shown in the guide images is for reference only.

Go to Liquidity tab to see a list of remaining LP tokens that can be staked in “My Liquidity”

The “No Liquidity Found” message appears when either 1. you have not provided liquidity or 2. you have staked all your LP tokens in the Pair Staking Pool after providing liquidity.

<Adding Liquidity>

Tap the “Add Liquidity” button to supply liquidity.

Select the two tokens you want to provide liquidity for.

You cannot select tokens that have a zero balance.

If there is no Pair Staking Pool for the selected token pair, you will see the message “No staking pool for this pair.”

  • It is recommended to select a token pair that is already provided in a Pair Staking Pool if you want to earn additional rewards through Pair Staking

After completing the token selection, tap the “Add Liquidity” button to proceed to the quantity input page.

You can enter the desired amount of liquidity you want to provide on the quantity input page.

If one side of the token pair has an insufficient quantity, you will see the message “Insufficient Token Balance,” and you won’t be able to proceed.

  • The token price is determined by the ratio of tokens in the Liquidity Pool. For example, if the Liquidity Pool has a price of 2 TokenA = 1 TokenB, the user needs to input TokenA in twice the quantity of TokenB when providing liquidity.

Please input the available quantity according to the token price.

Proceed with supplying liquidity by clicking the “Supply” button.

Review the quantities of LP tokens to be received and the amount of cryptocurrency to be supplied on the confirmation screen, and click the “Confirm” button to finalize the liquidity supply.

Liquidity supply has been completed.

Now you can see the received LP tokens in “My Liquidity” list.

In the details of the LP token, you can check the amount of tokens you input and your stake in the Liquidity Pool.

You can also make additional liquidity supply to existing stuff by “Add liquidity instead” button.

Due to fluctuations in token prices, the amount of tokens you will receive upon removing liquidity may differ.

By providing liquidity, you will receive a portion of the swap fee paid by other users. However, to earn additional rewards, you need to stake LP tokens in the Pair Staking Pool.

Refer to the Pair Staking guide for instructions on how to stake.

<How to Remove Liquidity>

You may remove liquidity anytime from “My Liquidity”

However, to remove liquidity, it must be in an unstaked state. Please refer to the Pair Staking menu for the unstaking guide.

LP tokens in an unstaked state will be listed, and you can receive back the tokens you provided for liquidity through liquidity removal.

Click the “Remove” button to remove liquidity.

Enter the amount of LP tokens you wish to remove.

The amount of cryptocurrency you will receive will be automatically calculated.

  • Due to price fluctuations, the token quantities during liquidity provision and removal may differ.

Tap “Remove” to proceed with liquidity removal.

On the final confirmation screen, review the liquidity removal details and tap the “Confirm” button to complete the liquidity removal.

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