Q. How is the price of the swapped token determined?

The price of the token is determined based on the token ratio in the liquidity pool where it is supplied. For example, if users continuously exchange token A for token B in a liquidity pool, the quantity of token A in the pool decreases while the quantity of token B increases, resulting in a rise in the price of token A. Therefore, the token price in the swap service may differ from the token price listed on the exchange.

Q. Is there a fee to swap (exchange) tokens?

Yes. When using the swap service, a swap fee equivalent to 0.25% of the exchanged token amount is charged, along with a small amount of KSTA as a transaction fee.

Q. I lost the wallet connection. How long does the wallet stay connected, and how can I continue using the swap service after disconnection?

The wallet connection to Atheneswap is maintained for 15 minutes for asset protection. After 15 minutes, the wallet will be disconnected. To continue using the swap service, please access the swap page again from the K STADIUM App.

Q. What is Slippage? What is the Slippage tolerance?

Slippage refers to the difference between the price at which a user submits (confirms) a transaction and the price at which it is actually executed. Usually it is caused by sudden price fluctuations in the token. If slippage occurs that exceeds the allowable range, the transaction will be automatically canceled. In DeFi services, the slippage caused by price fluctuations often occurs. Therefore, the slippage tolerance range is set to prevent the cancellation of transactions even if a certain range of slippage occurs. In Atheneswap beta, a slippage allowance of 0.5% is set.

Q. I cannot proceed because the confirm button is deactivated.

The token price on Atheneswap is regularly updated. If there is a significant difference between the estimated price shown and the actual price, the confirm button will be deactivated. Please close the window and try the swap again.

Q. Why does a transaction fail during the swap process?

Transactions can fail due to the following reasons:

  • Insufficient KSTA transaction fees

In addition to the swap fee, a small amount of KSTA is required as a transaction fee. Please check your balance.

  • User’s device’s network environment

Please check your network connection

  • Ground Chain environment

If a certain number of transaction requests occur simultaneously, there may be delays. Please try again later.

Q. After the swap is complete, where can I check my assets?

You can check your assets in the Wallet tab of the K STADIUM App. Transaction information can also be viewed on the K STADIUM Explorer.

Q. Is it possible to use Atheneswap by connecting the wallet on PC web? What devices are supported?

Atheneswap is only available on the mobile web. Please use the swap service through the K STADIUM App on your mobile device.

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