Q. How to the token ratio determined when providing liquidity?

The token ratio for liquidity provision in determined based on the price ratio of the liquidity pool, which is the pool where users swap tokens. For example, if TokenA and TokenB are supplied to the Liquidity Pool in a 1:1 ratio, and the prices of the two tokens are the same, users who provide additional liquidity will also need to input both tokens in the same ration. In this case, if you want to supply 500 tokens of TokenA, you will need to input 500 tokens of TokenB as well.

Q. I have provided liquidity. What steps do I need to take to receive rewards?

By providing liquidity, you can receive a portion of the swap fees paid by other users when they swap, However, if you stake the LP tokens received after providing liquidity into the Pair Staking Pool, you can earn additional rewards.

If you have successfully provided liquidity, you will see information about stakable LP tokens in your liquidity list. Additionally, you can check your LP tokens in the K STADIUM App wallet.

Q. I provided liquidity and staked, but I can’t see my LP tokens.

Assets staked in the Pair Staking Poll will not visible in your wallet or token list. If you do not see your tokens and you haven’t staked them, please contact the Help Center (help.kstadium.io) for assistance.

Q. I removed liquidity, but the amount of tokens received is different from the initially supplied tokens.

The price ratio in the liquidity pool can change due to user swaps. The amount of LP tokens received when providing liquidity remains unchanged, but when removing liquidity and burning the LP tokens, the amount of the two tokens received can be different from the initial amount.

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