How to Use Pair Staking

Please note that the token ratio shown in the guide images is for reference only.

Go to the Pair tab.

Select a pool where staking is possible - a pool where I hold LP from Pair Staking Pool list.

In the pool details, you can stake through Stake LP.

(To provide additional liquidity and earn more rewards, select the Get LP button to acquire LP)

Enter the amount of the LP token you want to stake.

Click “Confirm” button to proceed.

Staking has been completed.

You can check the information of the pool you staked in the Pair list.

In the staked pool, you can claim rewards, stake more, and unstake.

You can stake additional LP by tapping the [+] button.

<Reward Claim>

It is simple to claim rewards. Tap the Claim button to receive Loui rewards.


Tap the [-] button to display the unstaking window.

Enter the amount of LP tokens you want to unstake, then confirm the unstaking by pressing the Confirm button.

Unstaking has been completed.

You can check unstaked LP tokens from the Pair in My Liquidity.

You can use the Staked Only toggle to sort and view only the tokens you have staked from the entire list.

  • You can also check "Staked" sign on the right side of LP token name

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