How to Use Single Staking

Please note that the token ratio shown in the guide images is for reference only.

Go to the Single tab to stake a single digital asset.

Atheneswap V1 provides the staking feature for the Atheneswap reward token, Loui.

Click the Stake button to stake Loui and receive more reward tokens.

Enter the amount of Loui you want to stake and proceed by tapping the Confirm button.

Staking has been completed.

You can check your staked information on the screen.

You can additional stake through tap the [+] button.

<Claim Rewards>

Tap the Claim button in the staking history to receive rewards.

Once received, you can check them in your K STADIUM Wallet. Check the transaction details in the Explorer.


In the Single Staking tab, you can withdraw the staked assets by tapping the [-] button in the staking details.

Enter the amount you want to withdraw and proceed with the unstaking by pressing the Confirm button.

Your assets have been unstaked.

Any unreceived rewards before unstaking will be automatically claimed simultaneously with the unstaking process.

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