How to Swap

Please note that the token ratio shown in the guide images is for reference only.

Logging into the K STADIUM App, go to Atheneswap through the banner on the main screen.

  1. Go to the guidance page.

  2. Refreshing the price. The price will update automatically without manual retrieval.

  3. Select the cryptocurrency to input and enter the quantity.

  4. Choose the cryptocurrency to be output. The converted quantity will be displayed based on the quantity of the input cryptocurrency.

  5. This is swap button to proceed with the swap.

  6. The expected swap details will be displayed.

Choose the cryptocurrencies to swap.

Once the cryptocurrencies are selected on the top and bottom, enter the quantity to swap.

After entering, proceed with the swap by clicking the “Trade Now” button.

Confirm the entered quantity, received quantity, swap fee, and estimated transaction fee. Click the “Confirm Swap” button to finalize the swap.

Swap completed!

You can check the transaction on the explorer.

You can check the swapped tokens in the Wallet tab of the K STADIUM App.

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